Babies and Beach Vacations

When traveling  on a beach vacation with tiny ones there are several tips that will make your beachfront vacation go a bit smoother. Some babies will sleep well at the beach and others have a hard time being away from what they know as home.  Make sure you bring your baby’s own bedding. They do better when they are touching and smelling the sheets and blankets from their own crib.  Make sure you bring a baby monitor. If you are out on your private beach and your baby is 20 feet away in the vacation rental, you might not hear them cry with the waves crashing so close.  Many  beach vacation rentals offer to supply pack n plays.  Although this seems like a helpful item, it is just impossible to know if the previous baby had an illness or accident while using the pack n play.   Rather than risking your little one to unwanted germs, its much safer to rent a sterilized crib or pack n play from one of the local baby rental companies.  Babies are also at risk for sunburns.  There are great onesies available online that are UV protected.  It eliminates the need for so much suncream.  Babies love the small inflatable  wading pools.  You can buy one at home, usually for less than $6. Since it comes deflated in a small package,it is easy to tuck in your luggage. Dont worry about having to bring it home. There will always be a child on the beach very happy to take it over once your beach vacation comes to an end.  Taking a pack n play out on the beach is an easy way to keep your little one with you without having them be covered in sand head to toe.  We look forward to helping you and your baby have a great beach vacation at one of our rentals!

San Diego Baby’s Away

Toll Free 888-636-9030, local 858-578-8579

Baby’s Away of San Diego is owned and operated by Ann and Steve Brickman who have provided quality baby and beach equipment to the local area since July of 1997.   Baby’s Away is the largest baby and child supply rental service in the United States.  They rent all types of baby equipment ranging from full size cribs, pack and plays, high chairs, strollers, joggers, car seats, and much much more.  San Diego Baby’s Away delivers your vacation rental items to your destination prior to your arrival and picks up the day of departure.   They are also fully insured.  Call or visit their website today to make a reservation or to learn more about their excellent service.

Travel BaBees of San Diego
Toll Free 877-922-2337

Travel Babees is fully insured to cover not only the baby equipment but the baby/child as well.  They have a two hour turn around time for last minute needs.

Babies on the Go

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